What is the difference between a Tax Map and a Plat?

  • Tax Map - Maps that are updated daily by county employees and show ownership, acreage, and frontage.  They are the property of the County Auditor but are maintained by County Engineer employees.

  • Plat Map - A plan or map of a piece of land with actual or proposed features.  These are static maps most often produced by engineering firms that show lot dimensions and other detailed information concerning changes to the land.


Where can I find my parcel number and what can it tell me?


You can find your parcel ID in a number of places, including,

  • On your property Tax Bill (upper left-hand corner)

  • Auditor's Transfer Office (provide them a name or address)

  • Treasurer's Office

  • On the Internet! Go to the Auditor's new "Real Property Information" site.

Lake County Parcel Number description

Example: 07A045J000090

               07 - A - 045 - J - 00 - 009 - 0


07A  map book
045J page
00 subpage
009 parcel no.
0 for internal use


What documents do I need to have a lot split approved?
  • The Tax Map Department requires 2 copies of the original plat of survey and legal descriptions prepared by the surveyor.  One copy will be returned upon completion.

          Please note: Lots splits also require approval by the Planning Commission.



What documents do I need to have a metes and bounds description approved?

  • The Tax Map Department requires the original deed that you wish to transfer and the deed of record.  We can not accept faxes or do pre-approvals.